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Agri-Tech Center

The proposed SAFI Agri-Tech center will be a space for research, technology generation, training and dissemination of research-based knowledge to the last mile farmers and community members.
As you are aware, the agriculture sector plays a critical role in the economic development of many countries. However, the sector is facing various challenges, such as climate change, water scarcity, pests and diseases, and outdated farming practices. To address these challenges, there is a need for innovative solutions and new technologies that can help farmers increase their productivity, reduce their costs, and mitigate the impact of environmental factors.

The construction of an Agri-Tech center is essential in addressing the challenges facing the agriculture sector. The center will serve as a hub for technology generation, training, and dissemination of research-based knowledge to farmers and community members. It will be a place where farmers can access the latest farming technologies, learn new farming practices, and receive extension services to help them make informed decisions.

We are seeking your support to construct this Agri-Tech center. Your donation will help us build the infrastructure, purchase equipment, and develop training programs that will benefit farmers and the community at large. Your support will contribute to the growth and development of the agriculture sector, improve food security, and increase the income of farmers. Your contribution, no matter how small, will make a significant impact. We would be honored if you would consider making a donation towards the construction of this Agri-Tech center. Your support will go a long way in transforming the lives of farmers and the community at large.