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Sustainable Agri-Food Initiative (SAFI) successfully concluded the Farming for Better Nutrition project, a highly impactful initiative that addressed some food and nutrition security challenges in Kasese district, Uganda.

The project’s first phase focused on establishing a strong foundation for long-term success. SAFI set up kitchen gardens in three strategically chosen rural homesteads, serving as demonstration plots and training grounds. A total of 73 community members actively participated in workshops on proper nutrition and the practical skills required to cultivate thriving kitchen gardens. These workshops covered essential topics like balanced diets, sustainable farming practices, and efficient utilization of locally available resources.

The project’s core objective was to empower participating households with the knowledge and tools to achieve greater access to a wider range of nutritious foods. Kitchen gardens provided a sustainable source of fresh produce, directly improving dietary diversity and nutritional intake. By promoting sustainable practices, the project ensured the long-term viability of these gardens, fostering continued food security for beneficiary families.

The Farming for Better Nutrition project demonstrably improved the nutritional well-being and food security of Kasese’s rural communities. By promoting kitchen gardens and empowering participants with knowledge and skills, SAFI equipped them to make informed dietary choices and cultivate a sustainable source of nutritious food.

The project’s success serves as a valuable model for future initiatives aimed at tackling food security challenges in similar settings.

Project Status: ONGOING

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