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Sustainable Harvests: Advancing Climate-Smart Agriculture in Kasese District

Sustainable Agri-Food Initiative (SAFI) is currently spearheading the Sustainable Harvests: Advancing Climate-Smart Agriculture in Kasese District project. This forward-thinking initiative equips Kasese farmers with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the challenges of a changing climate and ensure long-term agricultural sustainability.


  • Empowering Farmers with Climate-Smart Practices: The project focuses on educating farmers on a range of climate-smart agricultural techniques. This includes methods for soil and water conservation, the use of drought-resistant crop varieties, and integrated pest management strategies. By equipping farmers with these tools, the project aims to enhance agricultural resilience in the face of climate variability.
  • Building a Knowledge-Sharing Network: Sustainable Harvests strengthens collaboration and knowledge exchange among Kasese farmers. Through workshops, field demonstrations and farmer-to-farmer learning opportunities, the project creates a supportive network where participants can share best practices and experiences in climate-smart agriculture.

This ongoing project represents SAFI’s unwavering commitment to supporting Kasese farmers and building a more resilient and sustainable agricultural future for the region.

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