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Agriculture for Food and Nutrition Security

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), 80% of the developing world’s food is produced by smallholder farmers. Like Uganda, many African countries struggle with not having enough food and good nutrition. In Uganda, some groups, like marginalized communities, face this problem a lot. They have trouble growing crops, the country’s economy isn’t doing well, prices keep going up, there isn’t much new ideas or money coming in, the weather is unpredictable, and there’s not enough energy. These communities often suffer when bad things happen, either because of people or nature. This lack of food and good nutrition makes people unhealthy, hungry, and malnourished.

SAFI focuses on building resilience for rural communities to enhance farm productivity, and ensuring there’s enough food for everyone at all times, nutritious food and decent livelihood opportunities.

Environmental Conservation & Climate Change Resilience

We recognize the critical role that environmental conservation and climate change resilience play in shaping the future of agriculture. Climate change, recognized as one of the most pressing challenges of our time, serves as a nexus amplifying threats to health, poverty, and hunger worldwide.

Our commitment is rooted in empowering farmers with objective, research-based knowledge to address the challenges posed by a changing climate while promoting sustainable practices that safeguard the environment.

Agribusiness Enterprise Development for Youth and Women

SAFI works to make strategies that help vulnerable people, businesses, and systems highly vulnerable to the shock-stress-shock cycle.

We are dedicated to promoting inclusive market systems that improve agricultural productivity, incomes, and nutrition. We convene relevant stakeholders, help form common standards of practice, and expand the availability of credible evidence.